October 2014

Brass and steel parts

Tests Prove Brass Beats Steel

Tests performed by CDA prove that free-cutting brass parts resist corrosion better than the same parts made from coated steel. Read the report and see for yourself.

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Copper Pots

Copper Cookware, From Brooklyn!

Long admired for it's combination of excellent thermal properties and durability, copper cookware has been coveted by passionate cooks for centuries. There's one manufacturer still producing these highly valued pieces in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. [Photo courtesy of Nick Dellamaggiore]

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Geothermal Pump

Copper: The Core of Efficient Geothermal Heat Pumps

By leveraging the constant temperature of the earth to our advantage, geothermal heating/cooling systems are highly efficient, sustainable and cost-competitive with traditional systems. Watch this video from the U.S. Dept. of Energy or read all about how copper makes the best heat exchanger for these systems.

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