August 2015

Lightning over a city

Shock Treatment!

It's summer storm season and in areas of the country where lightning storms are prevalent and sometimes severe, extra precautions are needed for protection. Copper can be a very critical component.

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Pouring liquid nitrogen into a beaker

Super Cool

Among copper's many useful properties are its performance characteristics in sub-zero cryogenic conditions. See how copper's strength and ductility go up as the temperature goes down.
[Photo courtesy of magicnikon]

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Electric car charging

Never Leave Home On Empty

Electric cars, in addition to their environmental benefits offers the convenience of allowing you to fill up at home. With a simple home charging station, you'll never have to leave home running on empty again.
[Photo courtesy of Kārlis Dambrāns]

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Soldering of Copper Alloy Flanges

Description of a step-by-step process necessary to satisfactorily fabricate soldered joints in cast copper alloy flanges.
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CDA to Host Webinar on Motor Management Best Practices For Facility Engineers and Building Professionals

CDA hosts free webinars consistently throughout the year. This particular one focuses on how to realize improved performance from copper rotor motors and how to implement better practices.
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Copper Blocks Damage to Denver Fire Station’s Communication System

Because the Denver Fire Station decided to upgrade their lightning protection system, copper prevented major damage during a recent thunderstorm. “For us as an emergency response organization it’s critical that we respond every time, so we had to stop the damage,” said David Markham, CFPD’s Division Chief of Operations.
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