August 2014

2014 Awards Winners

2014 Architecture Award Winners!

Take a look at this year's winners in the Copper in Architecture Awards and you'll see some stunning and innovative uses for copper in a variety of architectural applications.

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Statue of Liberty closeup

Liberty Wrapped In Copper

As we celebrated our nation's 238th birthday, Lady Liberty celebrated with us, as she has since 1886. Discover some of the secrets beneath her copper exterior, and how CDA helped to restore some of her luster leading up to her centennial anniversary in 1986. [Photo courtesy of Maki Isayama]

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Air Conditioner

Chill Out With Copper

Chillers are the heart of HVAC systems in medium to large buildings, and copper is an essential part of a modern and efficient chiller system due to its superior heat transfer properties. Read about the different types of chiller designs and how they help to keep us cool during the "dog days" of summer. [Photo courtesy of Furniture San Antonio]

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